Why Consider RPS High Tech Consulting?

My 30 year tenure in the high tech industry spans a career that began in circuit design and led to leadership roles in marketing, business development, and executive management.

Along the way, I gained a tremendous amount of hands-on practical experience that includes product planning and rollouts, communications programs, marketing strategy, strategic alliance development, fund raising, and several IPOs. I am particularly adept at taking highly technical concepts and presenting them in a way that non-technical people can grasp. I am able to get up the learning curve fast on new technologies and am very sensitive about meeting commitments, deadlines, and budgets.

Whether you need help on a quick short-term project or have longer term needs, please contact me and letís discuss them.


Why Consider a Consultant?

  • Targeted projects that canít justify full-time headcount additions
  • Looming project deadlines / scarcity of resources
  • Pop-up opportunities that need immediate attention
  • Outside perspective and input (forest vs. the trees)
  • Budget and cash flow efficiency